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What is the difference between AC charging pile and DC charging pile?




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The differences between AC charging piles and DC charging piles are mainly in the following aspects: different charging time, different charging methods, different electricity consumption, different appearance, different charging power, and different installation locations.

The charging time is different: the DC charging pile is faster to charge. Generally, it takes 1.5 to 3 hours to fully charge the power battery at the DC charging station; it generally takes 8 to 10 hours to fully charge the battery of the same capacity at the AC charging station.

Different charging methods: The DC charging station is commonly known as "fast charging", which is fixed outside the electric vehicle and connected to the AC power grid. The frequency of the three-phase four-wire 380v frequency is 50HZ, and the DC power supply can be provided to the non-vehicle electric vehicle power battery. The power supply device, the AC charging pile, which is the so-called "slow charge", the AC charging station has no charging function. To charge the electric vehicle, it is necessary to connect the on-board charging motor, and the battery is charged through the charger, which only plays the role of providing power.

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ifferent electricity consumption
: It can be clearly seen from the literals of the two charging piles, the AC charging piles use alternating current, and the DC charging piles use direct current.

Different appearance: There are many modules inside the DC charging pile, and the volume is relatively large. The gun head of the DC charging pile is 9 holes. In addition to the ground wire, there are positive and negative poles, charging confirmation, etc. The volume of the AC charging pile is relatively small. The head is generally 7 holes, including AC power cord, grounding wire, charging confirmation wire, etc.

The charging power is different: the charging power of the DC charging pile is relatively large, generally 40kw-12kw, and the power of the AC charging pile is relatively small, and the common one is generally 7kw.

Different installation locations: AC charging stations can be set up anywhere. Generally, people who need them will install one at home, which is very convenient for charging. DC charging stations are due to volume, price and other reasons.

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