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UUGreenPower attending China International Energy Storage Industry Conference 2023




UUGreenPower is invited to participate in the China International Energy Storage Industry Conference 2023 held in Shanghai from March 28th to 29th,. The event focuses on the trending issues happening in energy storage industry. Experts in the industry shares their insightful analysis on industrial development. And exhibitors leading the energy storage industry showcases the most cutting-edge technologies and products. It attracts more than 500 industrial visitors from the governments, industrial associations, energy storage companies and media press. One of the organizers of the event is China’s national industrial organization SPIC.

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China International Energy Storage Industry Conference 2023

Before the main event, the organizers host an energy industry leaders seminar to discuss the industrial development direction and opportunities. UUGreenPower vice general manager Rex Chen was invited to share UUGreenPower technological development and new products in energy storage and charging.

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UUGreenPower vice GM Rex Chen invited to seminar

With the accelerated popularization of new energy vehicles and the continuous improvement of charging infrastructure, the interactive integration of power grids, solar storage, and charging has become a hot direction in the industry. As the world's leading energy technology company, UUGreenPower has launched four major energy storage and charging solutions for different energy storage application scenarios, including industrial and commercial energy storage solutions, storage and charging solutions, mobile storage and charging solutions, and optical storage and charging (DC coupling) solutions and V2G solutions.

Products include 20kW/30kW dual-input ACDC module, 30kW DCDC module, 30kW ACDC bidirectional module and 7kW/11kW V2G module products, which can realize the power conversion and power demand balance between the grid, battery and EV. The can also be integrated into the photovoltaic system to achieve peak-valley arbitrage, dynamic capacity increase, load-side response and emergency power supply. Customers can actually have commercial benefits from the products.

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Six core advantages of energy storage and charging module:

  1. Easy to integrate: module integration and capacity expansion are easy to realize, and it suits multiple energy storage scenarios, effectively reduces stock cost and is convenient to install, operate and maintain.

  2. Super wide voltage range: it supports 150V - 1000V, meeting charging/discharging demands of all kinds of EV and battery pack and suitable for various energy storage and charging scenarios.

  3. High efficiency: adopting industrial high quality power devices to increase energy conversion efficiency with peak efficiency more than 96%.

  4. Safe and intelligent: circuit safety management with built-in output voltage discharge circuit and battery backfeed protection ciruit design.

  5. Highly stable and reliable: highly reliable technical design capable of withstanding long-time application test in high-standard laboratory and harsh environment.

  6. Wide temperature range: it is suitale to use in various energy storage scenarios with temperature from -40℃ to 75℃, derating output when above 55℃

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UUGreenPower focuses on EV charging technology and battery swapping industry for a long time. With technology as the core and innovation as the basis, it provides different types of energy storage customers with better products and services, promotes the technological transformation of the new energy industry, and helps the industry continue to flourish.




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