Product Introduction

22kW DC charging module for wallbox charger adopts the latest power supply technology and independent airduct heat dissipation mode, and is specially designed for indoor and outdoor EV charge station. It can realize 22kW constant power output within the range of 300V-1000V output voltage. And the innovative independent airduct design guarantees that It can work properly in various harsh environments such as dust, salt fog and condensation.

It is a core component of private EV DC charging station, meeting the construction of charging station for private and service VE.

Main Features

Long life

Design lifespan of the module reaches 10 years, and more than 5 years of warranty

Super wide constant power voltage range

Constant power voltage range: 300~1000V, suitable for charging EV with various voltage platforms

High reliability

Input and output multiple protections, including input overvoltage/undervoltage, output overvoltage/undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection

Environmentally friendly

All raw materials of the module and all components contained in hazardous substances shall meet the requirements of the RoHS instruction

Technical Parameters

Characteristic Curve

AC Input Curtailment Curve

Output External Characteristics

Temperature Characteristic Curve



Residential charging scene
Public operation charging station scene
Commercial office charging scene

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