DC  Wallbox Charging Solution

DC Wallbox Charging Solution

IP65  compact design wallbox DC charger, adopts the latest power control technology and independent air duct cooling method, is specially designed for indoor and outdoor DC charger of EV.

V2G Bidirectional Charging Pile

V2G Bidirectional Charging Pile

With bidirectional circuit topology design, independent air duct heat dissipation method and IP65 protection level,  can realize energy transmission between EV and  power grid.

Intelligent Monitoring Products

Intelligent Monitoring Products

Responsible for the communication with the battery of EV, controls the charging module to complete the charging process, supports  multi-gun combination of CCS,CHAdeMO and GBT system.

About us

Shenzhen UUGreenPower Co., Ltd was founded in 2015, it is the world's leading supplier of EV full-scenario DC fast charging solutions and core charging components. At present, the company has more than 400 employees and provides products and services to more than 500 industry customers around the world.

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New energy industry R&D experience



The CAGR has exceeded 100% in last 3 years



Serving global leading companies



R&D personnel account for more than 40%

Technology Innovation

30kW/40kW direct air-cooling charging module debut in industry

High power charging module has leading market share 

30kW/40kW IP65 independent airduct heat dissipation debut in industry

High protection level makes product endure for harsh environment

Break through technical bottleneck, release 40kW liquid-cooling power module
Rapid Technology Upgrading, successfully develop 60kW liquid-cooling power module

7kW/11kW V2G bidirectional charging pile debut in industry
Release 20kW IP65 Wallbox DC charger


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